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Screenshot from Dexter Software
Screenshot from Dexter Software
Screenshot from Dexter Software
Task Managment Software

What is Dexter?

Dexter is a task management, performance and communication tool that helps your team in task delegation, communication, and accountability – so you know exactly what is happening at the store level.

By putting Dexter on your store computers and training your staff in doing store walks, taking pictures of what needs to be done, posting and then having the ability to have management follow up to assure tasks are completed and done correctly, you will know exactly what every employee was tasked and what work was completed to keep your store customer ready at all times. Dexter helps the team know what important information is necessary to do their jobs – things like an upcoming sale, a major reset that needs additional focus, or maybe as simple as getting a few call-outs so a few people need to take on some additional tasks. By using this technical tool, we can not only post important information so it pops up on the employee page, they can see the tasks and pictures of corrective operational focus that needs attention, and also communicate back to management if needed. Gone are the days of sticky notes on computers or leaving notes on desks that may or may not be noticed.

We have worked for over 9 years with other tools on the market and have now developed a tool for retail teams that help us at levels from owner to front line employee be on top of what needs to be done at the store level, and a process for communicating important updates for the team. We also have built-in a tool to pull up individual development plans, that should be a regular focus for any manager/owner, so you can view what the employee is working on for development and training plans.

You can’t afford not to take advantage of seeing what Dexter can do to help your store. If you would like a demo and to learn more about Dexter, just give us a call or send in a request. We will get back to you and let you know all about Dexter and how it could help your business. Call for a free preview.