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Linda Small

Hi, I’m Linda Small, Owner and CEO of Retail People Solutions Inc., and I started as a consultant years ago working in business start-ups and turnarounds.  After years working for many large corporations in the fields of airline and hospitality, manufacturing, health care, finance, and moving in and out of consulting projects, I have learned from the experts in many fields what works in creating healthy work environments where employees and customers love to work and shop. 

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Learn more about yourself and your team with the DiSC assessment. 


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A task management tool to help with accountability and communication issues. This tool, implemented on your retail floor, is a transparent tool to delegate, communicate, and share information. It allows owners/managers to easily view tasks completed, who completed them and results on projects, team performance, and operational best practice results.  


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It all started when the advertising group I was part of agreed to do the customer engagement survey. I scored the lowest of the 15 stores in the group. Of course, being a lumberyard, we thought we were different and poked holes in the survey. We were in denial. Linda told us that to validate the results, the employee engagement survey generally mirrors the customer engagement survey. So we agreed to take the employee engagement survey, and it came out even worse. We were bad. We had a heavily male-dominated, take-it-or-leave-it culture that I learned from my father. In today’s world, that type of culture absolutely does not work. Even after we started, we weren’t walking the walk.

Mike Brackin

Owner, HomCo Lumber & Hardware

During the economic downturn, we saw how difficult it was to hire and retain people. We had a good culture, but we knew if we wanted to recruit and retain the best talent when the economy rebounded, we were going to have to be more purposeful with our culture. I met Linda at an Ace Progressive Leaders meeting in Nashville through another retailer who was working with her. I heard her presentation, and I knew I wanted to work with her.

Michael Wynn

Owner, Sunshine Ace Hardware

My mantra is that the best place to work makes for the best place to shop, and you can’t get there without building a great team. I’ve always been a big believer in culture, training and empowerment. Linda helped us take our core values, which were always very strong, but weren’t embedded, and turn them into tangible, actionable words that we can employ and bake into everything we do. It was a really cool process.

Mark Schulein

President, Crown Ace Hardware

For us, initially, it was developing job descriptions, which is always painful to establish, but Linda made the process easier. That has been super helpful in recruiting. The next piece of it was the development of my management teams, particularly my store manager, so she could really take the reins going forward. The beauty about working with Linda is her flexibility and her ability to work wherever your need is the greatest at that time.

Amy Kaplanis

Owner, Country Ace Hardware

Working with Linda to fully articulate our vision and define our culture turbocharged our stores' performances. Before, we were adrift without a rudder to help steer where we wanted to be going. Using DiSC as part of our process was the fundamental key to communicating better with our stores and getting everyone on the team aligned with our cultural values. DiSC has enabled our leadership team to far better manage their staff, communicate properly, assign tasks and expectations to the right team member, etc. We go to DiSC profiles and our core values to solve any problems that may arise in the team.

Eric Hassett

Owner, Hassett Hardware

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